Cupcake Bouquet Online Class

Cupcake Bouquet Online Class

Bake and decorate GREAT looking Cupcakes!

Show them off on social media.....

And if you sell make a BIG Profit!

Access my short mini videos ANYTIME in the online Cupcake Bouquet Class and learn how to:-

- Construct a Cupcake Bouquet to maximise your profit.

- Make large cupcake bouquets that hold 7, 12, 19 cupcakes

- Bake vanilla cupcakes

- Make smooth buttercream perfect for piping flowers

- Colour buttercream red

- Pipe a quick red buttercream rose using a Wilton 2D Piping Nozzle

- Make two tone/two colour buttercream roses

- Make a quick marshmallow Chrysanthemum

- Pipe with the Rose Russian Nozzle Tip

- Pipe a 3D Rose with individual petals using a petal nozzle

- Pipe buttercream leaves and buds to compliment your flowers.

- Use a small petal nozzle and flower nail to pipe individual rose buds to build mini bouquets on cupcakes.

- Plus pricing advice and where to buy resources in the Facebook Student Community Group.

Keep permanent access to this class by simply logging in to my website.

15 Modules

How to bake vanilla cupcakes

How to make Smooth Buttercream (incl Trex)

Facebook Community - Student Support

How to pipe a Red Buttercream Rose (Wilton 2D Nozzle)

How to pipe a Two Tone Buttercream Rose (Wilton 2D Nozzle)

How to Pipe Buttercream Leaves & Rose Nifty Nozzle

How to Pipe a Large Buttercream Rose using a Large Petal Nozzle

How to use a flower nail and pipe small rose buds

How to make a Marshmallows Chrysanthemum Cupcake

How to construct a bouquet using cups

How to construct a cupcake bouquet in a gift bag

How to place cupcakes into a bouquet

How to wrap a cupcake bouquet with cellophane

Piping a Heart Shape Cupcake Bouquet

How to wrap a Heart Shaped Cupcake Bouquet

Modules for this product 15
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